A slow computer affects efficiency and morale. M7 Technology Solutions' tune-up service will revive your computer and prolong its useful life.


Computer errors can cause disruptions to your day. We troubleshoot and fix computer and printer problems as well as take measures to help ensure problems do not reoccur.


We set up new computers with Microsoft operating systems and applications. We transfer your data from your old computer and install your printers. When your computer is no longer useful, we remove all data and prepare it for proper disposal or re-use.

Technology Consulting and Services
Technology Consulting and Services
Mobile Device


M7 Technology Solutions provides support for most major smartphones and tablets. We improve the productivity of your workers by providing access to company email and calendar when they are out of the office.


Mobile security is an increasing concern for business owners. Mobile devices are lost or stolen every day. Employees often buy the newest device for use at work. We give you the information needed to make an informed decision about your mobile security practices.

Technology Consulting and Services


Servers are the brains of your business network. That's why server disruptions can cause such a problem in your daily activities. M7 Technology Solutions can diagnose and resolve your server issues both remotely and on site. If you need to replace, repair or upgrade your current server, we can help make the installation and setup process easy and pain free. Our engineers use best practices setting up your servers in order to reduce unplanned down time. Server failure or losing data can be a nightmare for a business. Let M7 Technology Solutions design and implement a disaster recovery solution to suit your needs allowing your business to get back to business sooner.

Technology Consulting and Services


Companies rely on their communications - so do computers. Your network is how computers communicate with each other. M7 Technology Solutions can design and implement a suitable solution for maximum uptime and security. We analyze, test, troubleshoot, and evaluate existing network systems, such as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), wireless, and internet systems. We will perform network maintenance to ensure your network operates at peak performance with minimal interruption.

Technology Consulting and Services


Communicating can solve a lot of issues or even prevent them in the first place. An effective and working communication system can be as important to a business as having clients. M7 Technology Solutions supports voice systems which minimize disruptions and effectively manage disruptions when they do ocurr.


Receiving your voicemail and faxes in your email inbox, called unified communications, is an effective way to manage messages being delivered from multiple sources. Most mobile workers believe this is essential for them to function efficiently.

Technology Consulting and Services


At M7 Technology Solutions, we understand how important image is to your business. When giving a presentation, you want the focus to be on the material rather than technical issues.


In today’s connected world, more businesses are conducting meetings online rather than in person. Your video conferencing system should be reliable and easy to use. Let us help you assess your needs and determine the best system for your business. Our goal is to give you complete confidence in your audio/video system.